Mail Day

Back in the summer, I received an amazing package from Emily (@frogmellaink)! When I picked it up at the post office, I probably looked like such a dork as I grinned like a fool when I was handed the box. Look at how it was decorated!!


I was so excited to go home and open it! Oh, and how cool are the Royal Mail postage stamps?!?

Emily completely spoiled me...


There were greeting cards, postcards, notebooks, stickers, candy, chocolate, a beautiful cat necklace, a lovely pin and the cutest ring. The sweetest thing was the adorable 'New Home' card she sent.

I will admit all the sweets disappeared pretty quickly. The Love Hearts brought me back to my childhood because my Mom used to buy these for us at the corner store. And I thought Fizzers would taste like Rockets (or Smarties in the U.S.) but they don't! Oh, and Curlywurlys are delicious and I would not be opposed to having them mailed to me regularly!


I've been planning and brainstorming up a list of items I want to get together for my Autumn packages that I'm going to send the other IGGPPC ladies. I want to fill up a box with Halloween and pumpkin treats!

A couple weeks ago I also received a package from a best friend from my hometown. It was completely unexpected and surprised me. It was the perfect gift to brighten my entire week.

When a best friend from your hometown unexpectantly sends you an awesome package in the mail <3 #tmnt #pocky

The Tropical Pocky was yummy! It didn't have an overpowering taste. It was just good. And I'm so excited for the note pads and sticky notes! And look at that TMNT cup!!

I seriously can't explain how much I love not only receiving post but also sending it. It's the perfect way to cheer someone up or surprise them. There's just so much thought and kindness in every parcel I receive. I truly love it.

xo Jen

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