Guest Post: Minimalist Fan Art

Well hello there poppets!
Farquharson here, hijacking Jen's blog like a pro! I am here to entertain you while Ms Sparkles is off schmoozing at the Toronto Fan Expo! Today I am gonna be showing you a few of the beautiful pieces of minimalist fan art that are available on Etsy.

I recently moved to a new house. Although pretty much everything is unpacked, the walls are looking a bit bare and I hate having big empty spaces, it drives me mad! So I have been spending an ungodly amount of time of etsy drooling over some of the beautiful minimalist illustrations. Trying to narrow down which ones I simply could not do without. When it is done right, minimalist fan art can be amazing and here are the six I have narrowed it down to...

1. Portal by Ron Guyatt
As Captain of House GlaDOS and a massive fan of the Portal games it would be bad form for me not to include some Portal art. Ron Guyatt's illustrations are wonderful, art deco inspired brilliance. I was hard pressed not to to include his Fallout 3 design as well!

2. Superhero City - Gotham by Concepcion Studios 
Can this please get on my kitchen wall now! I love the simplicity...and the list of Gotham's most wanted at the bottom.

3. Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi  by PixologyMy favourite Star Wars film, the use of basic shapes on this poster really pleases me. It would actually be a shame not to get all three posters Pixology have done based on the original trilogy.

4. Howl's Moving Castle by Our Broken House
You know, I can watch HWC anytime, any place. Sometimes more than once in a day. I find it soothes my soul and this poster soothes my eyes.

5. Twin Peaks by Sanasini
People often underestimate how much I love Twin Peaks. The basic colour pallette and the fact that it features Coop & Ms Horne make it a must have for the Farquharson household!

6. Fringe Inspired Mad Scientist Warning Poster by The Geekerie
There just isn't enough art based on Fringe, so I was overjoyed to see The Geekerie's collection of warning posters based on the fringe sciences. Walter would be proud.

Now I just have to go hide my credit card so I don't max it out! 

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