Birthday Recap

My birthday weekend was really nice. Since I celebrated my birthday with family and friends the weekend before, I didn't expect to see anyone but Adam on the actual date. But my Mom, one of my Aunts and cousins came up Saturday morning to surprise me. I was a little shocked but also grateful I had showered and dressed when they walked in! It was a perfect day for them to come up because it was hot and sunny out! We did a quick detour to the Big Nickel so my Aunt and cousin could see it and then we headed straight for the beach.

One of my favourite things about the beach we've been going to is how big it is. There's always a lot of families there but we always find a space to claim. We put out a blanket and had a picnic lunch and then we headed into the lake which felt so lovely! Between swimming, searching for colourful rocks, and eating great food, it was a really fun afternoon. Though, I did come home with a bit of a burn. Nothing major but clearly swimming got rid of some of my sunscreen and left me a little red. 


Sandy feet!

That's Adam's hairy leg, I swear! Caterpillar

Afterwards we headed out to dinner to a place called The Dog House. It may become mine and Adam's favourite restaurant here. The food was delicioius, the servings were large and the server was so friendly. We ended up bringing home quite a bit of leftovers which kept Adam happy during lunch the next day. My family headed back to Hamilton after dinner which left me and Adam to do gifts and then lay around watching the end of season one of House. We were tired and really full so it was a great ending to our day. 

Logan NEVER sits nice with me. Adam was lucky to snap this photo of him while he was still for about 30 seconds.
Me and Logan

This guy will lounge with me all day.
Me and Seymore

I love the freckles on his nose! Me and Seymore

My gifts from Adam <3
I got spoiled yesterday! #birthday #dexter #bones #books #sailormoon

It was a wonderful birthday and I spent most of Sunday relaxing. I felt a little off which was probably from all the bad (but delicious) food I ate the day before and the amount of sun I got.

Thank you for all the positive comments and happy birthday wishes on my previous post <3
xo Jen

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