My Life in Photos

This past month has been a little hectic for me but mainly in good ways. We've been enjoying barbecues, going for walks, and eating cool treats!

There's been Doctor Who watching... The Doctor - Day 7: Fictional Character #iggppc30d #iggppc

Froyo eating...
Froyo, thrift shopping and Clue = girls' night <3 #froyo

Iced coffee drinking...
I'm living off these this week - a homemade foamy iced coffee. Yum! #icedcoffee #icedcap
Not actually food but I'm treating it as a snack - Day 10: Food #iggppc30d #iggppc #icedcoffee

Lots of packing...
The home of someone moving in a little over a week.
Someone found a fort. #gingerkitty

Kitties being cute...

Enjoying the outdoors...
Cherry Blossoms
Cherry Blossoms

Sunset and fireworks watching... Sunset

Cutting my hair...
Hair cut

Mailing off packages for my IGGPPC ladies... Etsy and #IGGPPC packages going out!

Dress wearing...
Today is for packing, blogging and birthday celebrations for my Mom <3 #plaid #kitty #spring

Pastry eating...
Italian pastries <3

Went to a wedding...

Just looking back at my photos tires me out... I just want to get the move over with next week so we can settle in and keep enjoying the Spring and Summer and we can get rid of the boxes!

xo Jen


  1. Hope the move went well! Sounds like you need a vacation though, just a few days to do nothing. By the way, whose your favorite Doctor? :)

    1. I am starting to see the appeal of the Tenth doctor... But I do still really love Nine!

  2. Love the blossom, checked dress, cakes, night time photos, and haircut! And David Tennant, obviously. He has the best cheekbones. Swoon. Hope the move goes smoothly! xx

  3. Looks like you had a great month! Your kitties are just too cute.

    And I'll say it again...LOVING your new hair.

    Hope the move goes well x