My Life in Photos

This week has been interesting and really busy. It looks like we have some pretty big life changes coming up for me and Adam... but I'll talk about that later.

For now, this was my past month... the weather started to feel like Spring and we were able to go on some walks and hikes and eat more Froyo!

Adam's birthday was spent out and about and we had to bundle up in layers because it was snowing that day. 

My layers
Back to layers... Winter came back :(

Birthday Froyo

Kitties interested in Adam's gifts he's opening. Kitties

I had Seymore pose with Wicket for the House Competition on IGGPPC. Seymore

And yes... I'm a crazy cat lady... I will forever be a cat lady <3

We have been going on walks again in the evening which is so lovely! Walk Walk Walk Walk

Me and Mary took the dogs for a hike in King's Forest. It was the perfect day to be out. HIke HIke HIke HIke

And I finally used the confetti nail polish I bought at work and I love it! My nails may be painted like confetti cupcakes all summer long!
I love my new confetti nail polish! I feel like a cupcake <3

The way things are going it looks like I'll be going on a lot of adventures over the next few months and I'm so excited to share them on here <3

xo Jen


  1. How lovely you're be able to get outside again and make the most of longer, sunnier evenings. We've got a bank holiday this Monday here in the UK so Tom and I are planning two days of walking- mostly in the direction of pubs, through some nice fields/woods.

    Big news eh? *waits patiently making lots of guesses*


  2. love that nail polish....and for big news...are we allowed to make guesses? lol