So my big news... well, it's not huge news but then again it is. Adam was offered a job last week in Sudbury, Ontario. Which means next month we're moving 5 hours up North.

I'm still in shock and trying to process the whole situation. Everything has happened really quickly and Adam has been in Sudbury working already.

I'm beyond excited and proud of Adam for getting a paramedic job and I know that he's thrilled to start a job that he went to school for. Though, it's a little overwhelming at the moment.

I've been up there a handful of times now with Adam, both last year and this year for job testing. I've never actually been there outside of the Winter months. I'm excited to see Sudbury when everything is green!

One thing that excites me is that Sudbury is called the 'City of Lakes'. There's 330 lakes within the city and I plan on exploring them all! Not only are their a handful of beaches there I can go to throughout the summer, but I can only imagine the walks and hikes me and Adam will go on!

And why the picture of the nickel? There's a giant nickel (a 30-foot replica) off of the highway there because of the nickel mining in Sudbury. Oh, and there's a pretty cool Science Centre there too that I'm excited to check out!

So here's to new adventures!

xo Jen


  1. Hope your move goes well and you find a nice place to live!

  2. How exciting for you both!! Congratulations to Adam- he must be thrilled to get the job he's been working towards :) THREE HUNDRED AND THIRTY lakes?!?! I cannot imagine how that many can fit in one city! Looking forward to seeing the pictures from your new walks, and your new home. xxx

  3. Lucky!!! I would love to live around so many lakes! :)

  4. I commented earlier but not sure if came through! Congrats to Adam on his new role! Good luck on your adventures in Sudbury x