Cakes and Cookies

Adam's birthday was last month and that means he was able to pick out whatever type of cake he'd like. It's become a tradition that we each pick what type of cake we'd like for our birthdays and the other has to figure out how to make it.... so we've done a s'mores, a Passion Flake, and a York Peppermint Patty cake in the past. This year Adam chose a candy bar cake. It was really easy to find a recipe to use that sounded delicious and not too difficult.

I followed this recipe from Pinterest:

It turned out soooo good! The caramel and sweetened condensed milk in the cake made it so moist and sweet... the cake was dangerously good!

My cake:
Candy Bar Cake

I also made Adam a batch of sugar cookies since they're one of his favourites. Sugar cookies are such a pain to make in my opinion but I have finally found a recipe that's easy to work with and they taste delicious! The best part of sugar cookies is decorating them with sprinkles.

Sugar Cookies

Have you heard of a Jell-o Poke Cake? It's such an easy cake to make. It's a staple amongst our family gatherings. I decided to try Jell-o Poke Cupcakes for dessert last week when we had family over for dinner. They were so good and worked out perfectly!

Jello Poke Cupcakes

All you have to do is use whatever boxed cake mix you have (preferably a white or golden yellow mix). Bake as usual. Then pick any flavoured jell-o and mix the powder with 2 cups of boiled water. When the cupcakes come out of the oven, use a butter knife to make 'holes' in the cupcakes. I then use the knife to sort of hold open the incisions to pour the hot jell-o mix down into the cupcake. I made my cupcakes the night before so I put the cupcakes in the fridge overnight to let the jell-o soak into the cake. Then when I was ready to serve dessert I added Cool Whip (you could use real whipped cream but Adam's lactose intolerant) to the cupcakes and a blackberry on top.

Jello Poke Cupcakes

The cupcakes tasted just like the Jell-o poke cakes we make. They are such a light and not too sweet treat. I highly recommend trying these out during the warm weather.
xo Jen


  1. that all sounds utterly delicious! I've got lots of jelly sachets sitting in the cupboard needing an awesome recipe, and I reckon pouring them into cakes is definitely the way to go. xxx

  2. Yum! I need to try the jello cupcakes!

  3. What an awesome idea to make jello cakes!