Weekly Adventures

What an awesomely (I don't believe that's a word but spell check doesn't highlight it either...) busy week! Other than the day job, I've been busy working on IGGPPC things. Our First House Competition was announced and it's been so much fun! We're still figuring out the rules as we go but being that it's our first competition, the future ones will only be better once we work all the kinks out.

The third round for registering for a pen pal opens up April 15th! I'm super excited to start matching up pen pals! How cute is the design?

I also went to see The Host earlier this week. It was ok. I never read the book so I had no expectations going into it. The first part of the movie seemed super cheesy but as the movie went on, I got into the storyline and started liking the characters. I was happy to see Jake Abel was in the movie. He wasn't in Supernatural much but I have a soft spot for any Winchester boy.

Tonight I'm going to a Clothing Swap that my cousin is hosting. I am beyond excited! I had one a few years back and it was so nice trading clothes and accessories with other ladies. I got some new (to me) clothes that I was really happy about. And I'm hoping tonight is the same!

I just whipped up a brownie batter dip that I had found on Pinterest. Oh my... it's so yummy! It's the exact consistency of a cake or brownie batter but it's eggless! I cannot wait to dip pretzels into it and just devour the bowl by myself... I mean share with others... if it makes it there tonight.

Brownie batter dip for tonight's clothing swap *drool*

I hope everyone had a lovely week! I'm off to finish going through my clothes for tonight...

xo Jen


  1. How did you get on at the clothes swap?

    That brownie dip looks dangerously good!


    1. I came home with a couple of casual dresses, some tank tops and a couple of pajama pants that I'm excited about ^_^

  2. I love a clothes swap! Or swish as they call it here. I got an amazing silk vintage dress last time I went to one.

    Yum to the dip! Might have to fly over just to help you finish it (it looks like plenty) hehe x