My Life in Photos

I tried taking some photos during our last trip up North while in the car. The clouds were absolutely amazing that day!
Winter Sky
Winter Sky

We had an awesome game night with friends. Twister was involved...
Snacks for games night!

I gathered up my stationary for IGGPPC but I still need more variety!
Gathering up my stationary for #IGGPPC but I need some more. Time to hit up Target!

And I finally got my hair cut. The only time my hair is straight is after going to the salon. #redhead

We went to visit my friend Heather’s booth at the One of a Kind Show over Easter weekend. My friend Heather's (@needlings) table at the One of a Kind show in Toronto. Stop by if you're going! #OOAK

Cadbury Mini Eggs and Crème Eggs Cookies I made with clearance Easter candy! Easter Cookies

And of course the cats were lazy most (meaning all) of the time.

Logan is laying on top of a pile of sheets I have out to cut… which is why I put an old beach towel over them. I knew he’d make a bed out of the pile. Logan

If the first week of April is any indication, this month is going to be busy and filled with lots of great things!

xo Jen


  1. Those cookies look so good!

  2. Those cookies look delicious! Love your hair too- it looks great :) xx

  3. Those sky shots look amazing. Your hair looks fantastic in that picture!

  4. Amazing sky pics!!! Loving your hair too.

    I hate Twister. I used to love it but I worked at a Dance centre and one time at a party we all played it. They were doing the splits and all sorts to win. RUINED IT!

  5. You look a bit like Bonnie Wright!

    1. You made my month... maybe year, with that comment <3