I woke up Monday morning to the best email. After the initial shock, I did a little dance on my couch when I was offered the fourth staff position for International Geek Girl Pen Pals Club! The co-founders, Leslie and Emily, are so amazing and talented and I love that they came up with this great project. And the fact that Emma joined on shortly after it started is like a dream come true. I feel blessed to be able to work alongside these 3 adorable, creative, funny and just wonderful ladies!

IGGPPC has expanded from just a pen pal club, and is now an online community for geek girls from around the world. Along with a blog, tumblr, and shop, there's also a forums section which seems to have non-stop activity. Even if you're not looking to sign up for a pen pal, you can join the site to take part in the forum discussions. There's everything from YA readers, anime, gaming, and soooo much more! There's also 4 houses that you can join based on the age group you fall in. I'll be looking after House Organa in the forums. There's going to be a lot of fun topics to discuss and then games and contests between the houses.

And if you DO want a pen pal, the third round sign up starts April 15th!

So this week has been pretty busy and has flown by so far. My morning was spent working on IGGPPC - a small meeting/chat with the other ladies, checking out the forums, and working on my to-do list. I worked on zipper pouches after lunch while watching My Neighbor Totoro. After this post, I'll be back to the living room to watch Supernatural and finish up the pouches. Unfortunately I have to work an evening shift at my day (or evening in this case) job. I'll be relying on caffeine heavily today, but like that's a surprise.

Either way I love today! I want to spend every day working on IGGPPC and SparkleGirl!

xo Jen

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  1. Congrats, new leader! I am so incredibly excited that the IGGPPC is expanding so rapidly that they needed to bring on a fourth. AND in a few months I'll be transferring to House Organa.