Holiday Recap

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! It was over so quickly as usual but it was a fun day. Well, actually two days. I had boxing day off and we spent all morning doing some boxing day shopping and then the rest of the day was spent at Adam's family for another Christmas dinner.

Between both me and Adam we received a lot of TV boxsets, DVDs and blurays. We also picked up a few more on boxing day. I received a couple of books and comics which I'm so excited to read too.

Just a small sample of Christmas gifts and Boxing Day purchases...
(This is only about half of what we received/bought.)

We rarely buy boxsets and movies throughout the year unless it's one of our birthdays or we find them cheap at a used store so we always stock up on boxing day. I love our haul this year! And we may still place an order on Amazon.

We were greeted with a bit of snow on Christmas morning and then late afternoon yesturday it started snowing and it didn't stop for quite some time. I had to work early this morning and it was like I woke up in a Winter Wonderland! There were piles of snow everywhere and a quarter of our parking lot was a giant snow hill. 

Do I really have to go to work?!? It's too cold out.

How was your holidays? If you're off until the new year, I'm extremely jealous of you! It's hard going right back to work after 2 full days of busy family visiting.

xo Jen


  1. Looks like lots of fun! My vacation is almost over and all I wanted to do is read and watch movies/TV. Well, I guess that is what January is for! :)

    1. There is never enough time over the holidays to do everything! I'm going to say indoors for January and February and just catch up on movies and TV to avoid the cold.