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Yesturday was 2 weeks until Christmas! I have officially finished wrapping all my Christmas gifts and I'm done all my shopping. It feels nice. Tomorrow I go into work and will be working every day until Christmas. I'm going to start spending my evenings watching Christmas movies (in between Supernatural episodes). There are so many movies that I like to fit in during the holiday season, even if the movie just takes place during the holiday season and doesn't focus on Christmas/New Year's Eve at all. Movies like Batman Returns, Ghostbusters 2, and Die Hard.

These are a few of my favourite Christmas movies:

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Will Ferrell and Zooey Deschanel star in this movie and it's just so incredibly sweet! There's nothing I don't love about this movie. Will Ferrell's innocence just wins me over.

Christmas with the Kranks

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I've been made fun of for liking this movie because a lot of people poke fun at Tim Allen. But I love Jamie Lee Curtis too much to let Tim Allen ruin this movie. It's another really heart-warming movie with silly humor throughout. It's become tradition for me to watch this movie every year.

Christmas Vacation
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I don't think I need to explain why this is one of my favourite Christmas movies. It's hilarious and I love Chevy Chase in it. It's just a classic that still makes me laugh every year.

Next week I will be posting blog posts from 3 different guest bloggers. They'll be Christmas-themed and I'm really excited to share these posts with you!

xo Jen

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  1. Elf is such a classic! And I'm in love with everything Zooey Deschanel touches pretty much haha

    I haven't seen Christmas with the Kranks, I heard mixed reviews, so maybe I'll have to give it a chance this year :)