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My Top Five Favourite Festive Films

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I’m Katie and I write Hook, Line & Sink Her from the comfort of my wonderfully squishy sofa- often with a cup of tea in hand. I started writing this blog last October, and immediately stopped using my tumblr blog, because I discovered the wonderful community of crafty and creative bloggers using blogger and wordpress. Tumblr just didn’t seem to offer the same sense of interaction, and thankfully Pinterest has now filled the hole in my life for re-posting pictures of awesome moustaches and beautiful teacups. I use my blog to connect with similar and completely different people, and share my latest craft projects. I prefer to write whenever inspiration hits, so I don't blog as regularly as some people do, but I really enjoy sharing my thoughts- and my photos from spontaneous little adventures to castles and whatnot (living in England, we have a lot of castles just lying around). Please do pop by to say hello and have a good snoop around!

I’m feeling particularly excited about Christmas this year, and nothing gets me in a festive mood faster than a good ol’ Christmas movie! The majority of these films have been my firm favourites since I was knee-high to a reindeer, and the nostalgic memories they conjure up is a large part of the enjoyment for me. That, and the excellent soundtracks.

Number one has to be Home Alone. I’m sure you’ve all seen it before- it’s an absolute Christmas classic, and I think it's particularly magical for children thanks to the combination of the freedom of no boring, grown-up rules (“A lovely cheese pizza, just for me”) and a lot of slapstick comedy. There aren’t many Christmas films where people get hit in the face with an iron, but Home Alone pulls it off with flair. And it just doesn’t feel like Christmas to me until I’ve heard this tune at least once...

Second film is The Snowman; a British national treasure that may not be well know outside of the UK, but it’s a beautifully animated short film that’s sweet and sad in equal measure and has an introduction by DAVID BOWIE wearing a Christmas jumper(!) I’m not sure you can get a more rock’n’roll film intro than that! I remember watching this with my baby brother one year when I was little, and then looking outside to find it was snowing!! A truly magical Christmas morning :)

The Snowman
A magical, flying snowman; and a boy in very fetching stripy pyjamas - what’s not to love?

Elf is the most recently made film on my list, and one I never expected to like because I think whoever told Will Ferrell that YELLING STUFF LOUDLY IS THE BEST WAY TO BE FUNNY got it oh. so. wrong. However, I loved every twinkley-toed minute of Elf; probably because it also stars one of my top lady loves - Ms Zooey Deschanel.

Look at that beautiful face!!!

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York
I know, I know; Home Alone has already been on the list. But this is a whole different kind of Christmassy wonder, people! It’s got a crazy pigeon lady and this mountain of ice-cream. And I can’t be the only one who immediately added “slide down a builder’s yellow shoot thingummy” to their Bucket List. Oh, oh; I almost forgot the lovely old man and his incredible toy store! This is the reason I’m currently trying to find a pair of turtle dove ornaments for our Christmas tree.

Die Hard
What do you mean, Die Hard isn’t a Christmas film?! It’s totally a Christmas film, because:
1. The hostages are in the middle of their Christmas party- hello!
2. This happens, and
3. Christmas is about indulging in a little of what you fancy, and Bruce Willis is what I fancy.

Die Hard
Merry Christmas to me

Thank you for letting me gate-crash Jen; it's been a blast! I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas :)

Katie xxx

P.S. If you’re flying anywhere this festive season to visit family or friends I double-dare you to sit up mid-flight and scream “KEVIN!”

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  1. Our whole family loves the Home Alone movies! How could you not? My boys also like The Elf, and they like the series of The Santa Claus with Tim Allen. =0)
    Happy Holidays!
    from Blogging Buddies