A Little Rant

Today I went to see Twilight: Break Dawn Part 2 with Mary. We've seen all the other Twilight movies together and it was nice to finish the saga with her.

Personally, I enjoyed how the saga ended. I never read the books so I can't compare them to the movie. I have heard that the movie ends differently than the book though. Either way, it was an exciting and interesting movie from start to finish. I really wanted to see how some things (won't give away any spoilers) turned out. Like all the previous Twilight movies, there was a good amount of 'cheese' in this movie... over the top sappy lines, sparkly vampires, and some pretty insane fight scenes. I did enjoy some of the other vampires that were in this movie that come to support the Cullen family. My favourite being played by Lee Pace. Though I'm biased because of Pushing Daisies.

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Now, ever since seeing the first Twilight movie, I have been made fun of for watching these movies. Not only have the men in my life made fun of me, but some other females as well. It doesn't bother me since I will watch whatever movie or TV show that interests me. I could care less what others think. Plus, since I've been a huge fan of Harry Potter from the beginning and now The Hunger Games, I'm getting used to movies that have a huge fandom surrounding it. The young girls and middle age woman can annoy the hell out of me at the theatre when seeing these movies, but so do all the geeks when I sit in the theatre when I see any superhero movie. Everyone has an opinion and these huge fans of these specific movies become even more opinionated when discussing the movie. But I'm ok with that.

The one thing I'm not ok with, is that so many people judge movies without watching them. They are turned off by the fandom surrounding something and won't give it a chance. Yes, The Twilight Saga is cheesy and has quite the love triangle in it. But so many people brush it off. If you take away the screaming fans, the Team Jacob and Edward shirts, and the fact that the vampires sparkle, the Twilight movies are alright. The acting isn't the greatest and some of the fight scenes are over the top, but hell, isn't that like most vampire/werewolf/horror movies? I'm always shocked at the cult following of movies like Ginger Snaps. I recently watched this movie last year. I know so many friends who love this small Canadian horror movie. It's bad. The special effects are bad, the acting isn't good, and it's just cheesy. But yet these people won't give a Vampire/Werewolf movie, like Twilight, a chance?

Rant over.

Like I said, I enjoyed the entire Twilight saga. I don't own the movies, but I've paid money for each movie to see it in the theatre with at least one friend. I have found them entertaining and Breaking Dawn Part 2 wrapped everything up nicely.

xo Jen

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