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How was your weekend? Mine was incredibly busy and just flew by. Yesturday we drove out towards London to visit family and attend a Halloween party. It was so much fun and we stayed overnight. We spent a big chunk of today watching movies and eating leftover party food. It was pretty great. It just sucks that tomorrow is Monday and we're back to work already.

October was a busy month and it seems crazy that November 1st is this Thursday. It was a great month filled with lots of fun stuff - Thanksgiving, Pacific Mall adventure, family dinners, and evenings spent at home watching movies.

We had two family Thanksgiving dinners to go to, which gave me an excuse to pull out my Mod Cloth dresses.
Modcloth dress + X-Men headband = Thanksgiving dinner outfit.

I spent a night dog-sitting the family dog, Penny. We had a fun night of cuddling on the couch and watching Pretty Little Liars together.

There were a few really mild days this month which we took advantage of by going for walks.
Me and Adam

Last weekend we went to Pacific Mall. I stocked up on Pocky and other candy and I also tried Dim Sum for the first time at a great restaurant at the mall. I liked pretty much every thing I tried. I was so proud of myself for trying it all since I didn't know what most of it was.
Dim Sum

Both of these were my favourite... Dim Sum
Dim Sum
I stocked up at Pacific Mall today!! Yum!

It seems Hurricane Sandy will be keeping us indoors most of the week. I don't really have much interest in driving in high winds and rain if I can avoid it. I'm looking forward to having some evenings in to sew and watch my shows.

Have a great week!
xo Jen

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