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It's that time of year when there are new shows popping up on the television and new seasons are starting up. I'm excited this year for a lot of new and old shows. For a few years, I was living without cable so I watched a lot of television shows via boxset (thanks to my friends). I caught up on a few shows and now I'm able to watch the new seasons that start this Fall. And since Adam is finished school, there's a few new shows starting up this year that we both want to give a try.

My list of shows that I'm definitely watching:

*Grimm - I love that the new season started in August. It was nice to have something new to watch before the summer was over. I also like the way this season is going so far too. The storylines have been good and are keeping me interested. As long as Munroe is on the show I'll keep watching though.

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*Bones - If you've been reading my blog, you know how much I love Bones! I watched seven seasons in a span of a few months. I cannot wait for the new season to start.

*Revolution - The show sounds and looks like it could be a movie. We're going to give it a try but I'm wondering if it'll be a letdown.

*2 Broke Girls - I loved the first season. I really enjoyed the chemistry between Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs. I hope this season is just as funny.

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*New Girl - Not only did my love of Zooey make the first season great, but the show is pretty funny. I really like the cast.

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*The Mindy Project - Again, I'm not sure how this show will span out but Mindy Kaling is adorable and I want to like the show.

*Elementary - Me and Adam are going to give this show a try. The commercials make the show look appealing but we'll see how the writing and acting go.

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*Once Upon a Time - I really enjoyed the first season and I'm interested to see how the second season storyline goes. The concept of this show is fun and I really like it.

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*Arrow - I was told the pilot was actually pretty good and it's a superhero show, so I'm definitely going to watch it. I don't know how well it'll play out but I'm hoping it's good.

*The Walking Dead - I'm so freaking excited for the third season to start! If you watch the show, you'd understand my excitement for the new season to start up.

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There are also a few shows I'm curious about and I might watch a few episodes via On Demand to see what they're like:

*Partners - My love for Sophia Bush and David Krumholtz make me want to see this show.

*The Neighbors - Just the concept of this show interests me.

*666 Park Avenue - The commercials for this show make it look cheesy and somewhat over dramatic, but again I like a couple of the actors in it and the concept is different.

New shows starting up, cool weather, and lots of tea are making this time of year pretty great.

What shows do you plan on watching?

xo Jen

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  1. I'm so excited for Elementary! And The Mindy Project too. I didn't think the previews looked that good but love Mindy Kaling so we'll see...