My Weekend in Photos

This past weekend was so busy for me. It went by pretty quickly. Friday night and all day Saturday was Supercrawl, which is this awesome art and music festival that goes on in Hamilton. They shut down a street, all the galleries are open, stages are set up throughout the street and there's craft and food vendors everywhere. It's a pretty awesome time. Because I didn't know if we were moving back to Hamilton, I never signed up for this show. But luckily I was able to squeeze in. Only for the Friday evening, though, since I had family plans for Saturday. The weather was perfect since the rain stopped in the late afternoon and I had a great night!

My booth had some of the courtyard's garden in it, so I had my table set up a little awkwardly.
It was absolutely packed for most of the night. And for the second year in a row, Said the Whale played right near us so I was able to dance and sing along from my booth.

Saturday was an incredibly long day. We set up a garage sale with my Dad at my parents' place pretty early in the morning. And then by lunch time I was on the road with a few ladies heading to Toronto for TIFF. Every year we go scope out the celebrities up in Yorkville. We've been lucky in the past and have seen some really cool celebrities (Emily Blunt, Emma Stone, Colin Firth, Jon Hamm, Gerard Butler). This year was very different. It seemed like we walked everywhere in Toronto, but we didn't see many celebrities. It was a little disappointing but we still had a fun time.

The highlight of the day was seeing Maggie Smith.
By chance, we just saw her come out of her hotel to catch a cab. Luckily my Aunt yelled her name and she gave us a smile and wave. I was so excited after seeing her.

We also saw Colin and Justin at some TIFF event going on. I had no idea who they are, except that they're decorators. My Mom and Aunt were pretty excited to see them though. TIFF

We also spotted Spencer Rice (from Kenny vs. Spenny) out front of a hotel. He ended up coming over to us and we got a picture with him (my Mom has this photo). He was pretty funny and it was nice of him to come talk to us.

Days later, and I'm still sore and stiff from all the walking we did Saturday and the lack of sleep I had over the weekend. I wish I could say this upcoming weekend will be less busy but the way life is right now, I doubt it!

I hope you're having a great week!
xo Jen


  1. Eeee Professor McGonagall! Too cool. Never met anyone famous but would probably be too shy to say hi if I did haha

    And your booth looks great! Loving those bags, especially the red polka dot one.

    1. Thanks! Yeah, I freeze up when I see famous people. From a decent distance away, I'm ok taking photos but that's it. I don't approach them.

  2. I think Spencer lives near me, if not the same building. I know where Kenny lives and it's kind of close to me but I've seen them both in the condo lobby a few times.

    Ya, TIFF was a lot different this year in terms of spotting celebrities. The only person I saw outside of the premieres I went to was Zac Efron. Arthur and I also saw Chef Massimo Capra during a walk. Arthur somersaulted onto the red carpet in the middle of his interview.