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We are moved in and now living in Hamilton! It's been a super fast and busy week for us. We spent our last 2 days in Welland packing up everything that was still out of a box and cleaning as much as we could. We did take a break to go to one of the Italian bakeries on our last day there. It was a very welcomed and needed break.

These are from the last week we spent in Welland:

Rice Krispies Treats
Welland Canal
Italian Treats

The move itself went smoothly. It was a lot of work and we were so lucky that some family and friends were willing to help us. It ended up being a long day but by 8 p.m. we were sitting around the kitchen table eating a late dinner and feeling very relieved that it was all over. The guys did have a bit of fun destroying our old couch. They needed to break it up to fit it in the apartment dumpster.

Old Couch
Old Couch

The kitties were freaked out for the hour drive to Hamilton and then when we got to the new apartment. They wouldn't leave the bathroom when we got there. Logan hid underneath the sink while Seymore stayed behind the toilet. By bed time on our first day here they were both exploring all the rooms, though they were still nervous. Now, almost 5 days later, they are pretty comfortable. I keep finding them sleeping on the floor in the second bedroom.


When we first viewed our apartment, we didn't realize that we actually had a nice view from our balcony. We're at the perfect height to not see all the houses that surround us. We see the tops of a lot of trees. And the sunsets fill our place with the most beautiful orange light.

View from Apartment
View from Apartment

We hit a few bumps trying to set up our cable/Internet/phone line. But we have finally gotten everything straightened out. The apartment is about half unpacked and we're still waiting for the new couch to arrive. I'm just shocked that tomorrow is already Thursday. I have a feeling this month is going to fly by.

Take care and have a great rest of the week!
xo Jen

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  1. What lovely light from the sunset- and a fantastic surprise view! Glad to hear you're settling in and the cats are starting to feel at home.

    I hope you can find a new local bakery that makes cakes as delicious as those look :)