S'mores Day!

Today is National S'Mores Day, but really I think Summer is S'mores season. There's not a bonfire that I attend during the Summer months where I don't attack the marshmallows and search for anything to put around it... even just chocolate chip cookies.

Seriously... this would be a dream party for me to throw or attend!

Source: google.com via Jen on Pinterest

Source: brit.co via Jen on Pinterest

A s'moretini? Yum!

So go ahead and indulge in these marshmallowy treats!
xo Jen


  1. Oh my.... those look delicious! I think smores are more a Canadian/U.S tradition; but the U.K has certainly tried to embrace it too! Unfortunately, regular marshmallows aren't suitable for vegetarians, so I've never had one. I think I need to hunt down some veggie mallows before my next beach bonfire trip though :p xx

    1. Oh you must find some vegan marshmallows! S'mores are amazing!