New Adventure

Moving day is this Saturday which means our new life adventure starts really soon.... it feels surreal that the move is less than 2 days away and then we won't be commuting an hour to visit family and friends. And that we'll be back in a big city, and not in a tiny one. It feels weird.

Our apartment is currently filled with boxes everywhere. We still have the TV and computer hooked up so I do have a form of entertainment but getting to the washroom or kitchen is an obstacle course. And I need to start cleaning which I have no energy for.

But to think that in 2 days we can start to unpack and organize our new home makes me excited. I love that we're moving on a long weekend which gives us Sunday and Monday off to start making this new place our home.

I should be back to blogging on Sunday. The Internet/phone line company is coming by late Saturday afternoon so we should be connected quickly. I'm excited for our new adventure in a new (old) city.

Thumbs down to packing!
I took this in the midst of packing up the kitchen, which was a nightmare because there's so many breakables!

Have a great long weekend everyone!
xo Jen

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  1. Good luck with the move! Hope everything goes smoothly. It's such a pain packing but always worth it to move into a new place and get to decorate and settle in!