Treasury: We all scream for Ice Cream!

How was your weekend? Mine went by fast and was pretty uneventful. I worked both Saturday and today. I didn't mind working yesturday since it was rainy all day but today was hot and sunny out. I was so jealous watching people out the store window. Everyone was in shorts and sandals and I had customers in buying pool toys and water guns. We did go for a nice long walk this evening after dinner though. That was nice and we encountered a mother duck with her 8 babies along the path. It was really cute and sweet to see.

This weather makes me want to eat an entire tub of ice cream but I've been trying to be good and have just been consuming popsicles instead.

I found so many adorable ice cream fabrics on Etsy while I was searching for ice cream items. I may have to buy myself some ice cream fabric since it is almost summer.

Have a good night!
xo Jen

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