Summer Lovin'

Well, we are back to summer weather here! Our apartment is hot and I'm living off popsicles. Even though the heat is making my place sticky, I'm loving the sunshine! At work I'm lucky to have giant windows along the front of the store so the sunshine just pours in. It instantly lifts my mood.

This wonderful weather has me wanting to throw a small party with drinks and snacks.

Source: via Jen on Pinterest

Cake Vodka

Source: via Jen on Pinterest

Fish Bowl Punch

Apples Nachos

Source: via Jen on Pinterest

S'mores Dip

Cookie Dough dip

I need a reason to make one of these dips because if I don't have company over I'd probably eat it all myself.... with a spoon haha. Also, I need to try the Cake vodka. I'm not a big drinker and lately when I do have a drink, it's a glass of wine. But cake flavoured vodka?!?! It sounds like my kind of alcohol.

What are your favourite summer recipes?

xo Jen

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