Wizard World this Weekend!

I've been very busy over the last month since Toronto ComiCon. I've had to replenish my stock for Wizard World Toronto. It's crazy how much I got finished up. I have more inventory for this show than I did for the last one. I'm so excited to spend this weekend surrounded by comics and cosplay and anime and amazingly talented people. I can't wait to buy some toys and take lots of pictures!

Wizard World Toronto
If you're headed to the convention this weekend, come visit! I'll be at table 2149!

Totes for Wizard World this weekend! #sailormoon #cherries #nerdycrafts
Busy! #nerdycrafts #batman #starwars
Kitty kickers! They like polka dots right? #crafty
Kitty Kickers!

43 pouches ready for Wizard World!
There are 43 pouches in that basket!

Sorry for all the Instagram photos, but I haven't taken many photos of my finished products with my camera. That will be happening after this weekend, when I'm doing the biggest update I have ever done on Etsy!

I hope everyone's week is going well!

xo Jen


  1. Have a great time! Foundyou through blogging buddies! Now a follower! Would love for you to come by to my neck of the woods!

    1. Thanks! Your blog is great! I love all the recipe posts. I'm craving carrot cake now haha.

  2. Good luck at the convention! Hope you have fun and sell out!

    1. Thanks! It was so much fun and I sold a lot but I have enough leftover for a decent Etsy update!