Yesturday was the first day of Spring. The weather has been insanely beautiful. We're having Summer-like weather. The sun has been shining and it's warm enough to go out in shorts. I'm loving being barefoot around the apartment and sleeping with the window open.

I'm very excited for this season and nice weather. I want to go out for more walks, hikes, and rollerblading. I'm looking forward to movie drive-in dates and garage sales!

Source: xaxor.com via Jen on Pinterest

I'm also looking forward to Easter. I can't wait to make some Easter-themed treats. Or to try some new crafts.

Source: purlbee.com via Jen on Pinterest

Now I have an urge to go bake. Too bad I have to work this evening. I'm thinking I'll be bringing my notebook with me to make some to-do lists!

xo Jen


  1. That wreath is really cute! I'm off to check it out.

  2. Such lovely pictures, great colors and now I want some ice cream and a cupcake! lol


  3. Thanks for the blog lovin!
    I'm so excited for Spring too. That wreath photo is really great inspiration- must try it soon :D