Road Trips

Life has been quite the adventure lately. Adam is close to finishing his program and this means he's been applying for jobs all over the province. It seems surreal to think we could be moving anywhere. On one hand it's incredibly scary, but on the other I'm excited for a new adventure, a fresh start.... I can't wait to look for a new place to live, buy a few new things for our new home, and the biggest thing? Moving somewhere new means Adam would have a job and that opens up a whole new life for us. We've been used to living like poor students since my day job doesn't pay big bucks, though we get by comfortably. A second income, however, would allow us a bit more wiggle room and that excites me. I'm hoping it lifts some stress from our shoulders as well.

Because he's been applying all over the province that means we've been going on road trips over the last couple of weeks for testing for these job positions. Last week we headed up to Sudbury, which is the furthest we've had to drive so far. I've only been up North, on the Canadian Shield, once in my life which was last summer when we went camping. It's absolutely beautiful watching the trees change and the rock formations getting larger on the side of the highway. I also didn't realize how rocky Sudbury was. Homes are up on hillsides and there's a large mountain in the distance. I grew up with the Hamilton escarpment, but that doesn't compare to seeing the snowy mountain in Sudbury.

We passed Canada's Wonderland on the way and it makes me want to go again this year. They're advertising for their dinosaur exhibit they have for 2012.

Car Snack
Blurry car snacks... these have to be my favourite Easter treat. I hold Mini Eggs close to my heart, but these bunny candies don't give me a tooth or belly ache. Unfortunately, I can consume a lot of them.

Sudbury Road Trip
It was weird seeing so much snow considering Southern Ontario has nothing left, except for some small, dirty snow piles at the end of parking lots.

Sudbury Road Trip
The view out front of the Sudbury Value Village.

Me, enjoying our hotel room. We spent the morning watching the Disney Junior channel. Well, I did while Adam looked over our maps.

Tomorrow we're headed to Kingston, which is another far drive. At least it's supposed to be a beautiful day. I can't wait to drive with the windows down and maybe convince Adam to pull over for a Slurpee on the way home.

 xo Jen

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