Inspiration and Support

I have been trying to stay active on Facebook to keep my Sparklegirl page updated. While doing this I have come across some amazingly talented people. I have found great Etsy shops, adorable blogs, and some sincerely sweet ladies. I wanted to share some of these wonderful Facebook pages and Etsy shops with you.

Jen Kiddo Art - I wrote up a post about her here. This girl is so incredibly talented and adorable!


Deidre Dreams - Probably one of the greatest and inspiring supporters I've come across on Facebook. I really appreciate the contact I've had with her.

SaoZen - If you haven't already found her Facebook page, then go check it out! Her characters are adorable and so sweet!

CatsX - What an insanely talented lady! Her needle felting is amazing!


Decorate You - I found her Etsy shop first and fell in love with her fabric earrings. 


There are many more pages and shops that I love. These are just a few that I've recently been admiring. Please go check them out and give them some love!

xo Jen


  1. Thanks so much for promoting my shop!