The Hunger Games... Pt.2

I'm calling this post part 2 because technically I wrote up the first post on DN! Extraordinaire yesturday. Go check it out!

Anyways, as you know, I recently read The Hunger Games and Catching Fire and completely fell in love with the books (though, I still have Mockingjay left to read). I'm so excited to finally see the The Hunger Games tomorrow afternoon! I have our tickets purchased already so we just have to get to the theatre early enough to get good seats. Also, this is the first movie I've seen in the theatre with my husband since last summer... yeah, he gets pretty serious while he's in school. So I'm also looking forward to a movie date with him too.

I have my heart set on buying myself a Hunger Games t-shirt when we head to the U.S. next week for a day shopping trip. I'm also searching for the perfect necklace to buy as well. I'm thinking the necklace will be purchased on Etsy since there are so many talented people on there. In my search I came across some other great Hunger Games products on Etsy.

There are a few reasons why I'd love to own this shirt:

I'm so in love with this print. I think it would look amazing framed and hung up:

This entire shop is filled with cuteness:

Necklace possibilities:

Who else is going to see the movie this weekend? I feel like a child right now. I cannot contain my excitement for the movies tomorrow!

xo Jen

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