Holidays in Photos

The holidays were an absolute blur for me. They were great and it was so much fun spending time with family. But I have a hard time believing it`s January 2012 now. So finally on with the holiday photo dump...

Christmas Eve
Seymore Men Me and Seymore

Christmas Day
Already tired out...
Frankie Jaelin and Penny
My adorable niece getting a kiss from Penny.

Me and Logan
My new Mod Cloth dress came in time! I`m so in love with it and I can`t wait to wear it again!

New Year`s Eve Me and Seymore
Why yes, I do harass my cats... Battleship
It was a night of games, movies, and food for me and the hubby!
Happy new year!

I hope everyone had a wonderful time over the holidays!

xo Jen

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