Inspiring Music: Meaghan Smith

Do you have a singer and/or musician that just fills you with happiness and inspiration when you listen to them? I found this when I first listened to Meaghan Smith's album, The Cricket's Orchestra. I was lucky enough to see her play at a small club in Toronto over a year ago. It was so magical. There were no more than 30-40 people in the audience and since it's just her and her husband performing on stage, it was so intimate. Plus her voice is incredible live and I left that concert feeling so good about life.

The back in July, a few days prior to my birthday, I was able to see her play again in Hamilton. This time the crowd was a bit bigger but once again the show felt magical. Meaghan's stage presence, stories, and the way she performs are just adorable. I want to have her confidence and outlook on life. The best part, though, was I got to meet her afterwards. She autographed my cd and took a picture with me. She was a sweetheart but I'm so awkward meeting any sort of celebrity. I felt speechless.

This Fall she released a Christmas album, It Snowed. She ended up coming back to Hamilton last week to play a holiday show. She performed almost every song from her Christmas cd and threw in some of her songs from The Cricket's Orchestra. Her love for the Christmas season put me in such a festive mood. The stage was decorated with Christmas lights as well, which definitely helped with the mood too. Again, after the show we met Meaghan and got her to autograph our holiday albums. I felt like such a nerd being awestruck yet again by her. She complimented my hair colour and I just smiled. Mary made fun of me later for my lack of response to her. Oh well, hopefully in the new year I'll be able to see her again and I'll have to plan something to say.

xo Jen


  1. Never heard of her before. She's great!

  2. She's a wonderful singer and musician. I highly recommend giving her a listen!