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So I have followed through with changing up my wardrobe... I've been pulling out all my tights and wearing dresses on my days off. It has felt so nice, except when I look down and realize I'm either covered in thread or cat hair. Oh well. I start the day off feeling cute.

Dress + Tights

I've been baking like crazy over this past week. Out of 3 cookie recipes I've tried, 2 have been soooo yummy! But I will share those recipes with you this week! While Christmas shopping, however, I bought a gingerbread cupcake or whoopie pie mix. I made the first batch into cupcakes. The cupcakes are so incredibly good and it made our apartment smell amazing but I was so disappointed with the frosting mix. I've made similar frosting mixes before in other whoopie pie mixes I've bought and the frosting always turns out fluffy. This time it was so watery. It tasted good with the cupcake but I like fluffy frosting!

Gingerbread Cupcakes

We finally bought a new Christmas wreath, though, it's completely plain. I thought I'd add a handmade bow to it which I think turned out super cute. But then a few days later we were given a huge, beautiful wreath from Adam's mom. Oh well, I'll find somewhere to hang my little wreath.

Christmas Wreath
Christmas Wreath

Today was a good hair day for me. I love having natural waves when my hair doesn't go frizzy but looks messy still. I pulled out my MAC blue eyeshadow today too.


It's a shame I go back to work tomorrow. I really have no interest in working 5 days in a row this week. I'd much rather stay home to bake and sew. Oh well.

xo Jen

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