I'm such a child...

It's been such a quick weekend! I just got home last night from a 48-hour shopping trip in the U.S. with some ladies from my family. It was a great time and we found some really good deals. And going through the Christmas section at Target and seeing the malls decorated for Christmas made me very excited! I bought some random pieces for Christmas gifts, stocked up on Christmas goodies we can't buy in Canada, and brought home, not only Pumpkin Pie Pop Tarts, but also Pumpkin Pie coffee creamer... yum!

I spent 9 hours today at work which was extremely tiring. I haven't had any time to rest and I feel like I've been on my feet forever. I had to stock today and I have to say I'm so tempted to buy toys for myself. It's horrible working with toys and being addicted to cute things. Before I started working there I had never heard of Lalaloopsy. I don't have an urge to buy their toys but I really love and appreciate the design of them. All the dolls and their pets look like sewn together plush. It's great! I hope it's around if and when I have a daughter.
Source: lalaloopsy.com via Jen on Pinterest

Source: lalaloopsy.com via Jen on Pinterest

I wasn't a stranger to the Littlest Pet Shop line. I grew up with it. However, the newer figures are ridiculously cute! But I had no idea they teamed up with Blythe and have created their own Littlest Pet Shop Blythe Loves line. I've admired Blythe online and have felt a twinge of jealousy sometimes when I see one on someone's blog. I'm extremely tempted to let my first Blythe doll to be a small, Littlest Pet Shop one. Specifically this one.

One thing I know I'm definitely going to start collecting are the new My Little Pony figures. They are so adorable and I cannot wait to start watching the show - Friendship is Magic. I've convinced my best friend to give the show a shot with me since she has an obsession with horses. Hopefully she'll love it and we can have a My Little Pony marathon!
Source: hasbro.com via Jen on Pinterest

I really don't need any of these toys but my addiction to cute is insane. I don't know how to break the habit...

xo Jen

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