This past Saturday was Supercrawl in Hamilton. It was an amazing day and insanely busy. They blocked off part of James Street and there were vendors set up everywhere and they had a few different stages set up. It was a beautiful day out so it was great that the festival started at 2 p.m. There were some great bands playing the show and I was able to listen to music all day. I loved that I could hear Said the Whale from my booth in the evening. And then while I packed up my booth I was able to dance to Broken Social Scene.

My booth...
 Supercrawl 2011 Supercrawl 2011 Supercrawl 2011 Supercrawl 2011

My helper for the day...
 Supercrawl 2011
Megan, my youngest cousin, has been attending craft shows with me for a while now. We have a lot of fun at the shows together. It's cute watching her take over the booth - she straightens up my table and makes change for me. It's a lot of fun having her there. The whole afternoon she was eyeing up some of the cute plush at Needlings' table. She had to buy a couple of Littles.

Supercrawl 2011 Supercrawl 2011
I'm looking forward to Supercrawl 2012 now. It can only get better and I'm excited to see what bands they bring in next year.


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