Life Changes & Goals

We moved to Welland a little over a year ago. Since our move life hasn’t settled down…. There was looking for a new job in the area, getting engaged, planning a wedding and all the events that surround a wedding. I thought life would go back to ‘normal’ once we got back from the honeymoon… though I’m not sure what normal is anymore… I was ready to start my countdown to Adam’s graduation so we would finally know where we were moving and settling down. But out of nowhere a new job fell in my lap. And it’s actually a good one! The thought of managing a small toy store might just be a dream come true. We’ll see if I feel the same once I start dealing with customers and pregnant ladies. But it’s 5 minutes from my apartment which means I can walk to work and no more commuting! I will be saving 2 hours every day not commuting… what will I do with all this extra time?!?!

Between trying to wrap my head around this sudden change and trying to get more organized about my crafting, life is exhausting. It’ll be nice to have more time to keep my etsy updates regular and promote my facebook fan page. I’m in the midst of writing out a list of shows I want to do in 2012. There are a couple of new shows I’d like to try but other than those, I want to focus my time and energy on the big shows. I want to make my table set up better, have more stock, and play around with packaging ideas  – tags, bags, and new business cards.

 Pouch Pouch

Wish me luck... I start the new job in less than 2 weeks...



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