Comic Reading

It’s pretty crazy how large my Amazon wishlist is currently. I’ve been exposed to so many random graphic novels that I now need the follow-up volumes. It’s a good thing Christmas is coming up. I’m excited to continue my collections!
Currently I’m reading Marvel Runaways. It’s a very quick read and I was half way through the first volume within two nights while reading just before bed.  I’m thoroughly enjoying the story. I love all the characters, especially Nico and Karolina. I’m excited to start Volume 2 this week.
Next on my must-read list are some of the DC Comics’ The New 52. It’s no secret that I’m drawn to woman characters over men, especially when the woman are strong, kickass characters. I’m excited to get my hands on Batgirl  and Catwoman . I definitely want to check out Suicide Squad because of my love for Harley Quinn but her outfit makeover alone makes me weary. And because of all the love from The Nerdy Bird, I think I’ll check out Birds of Prey as well.
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Speaking of reading… off to read Runaways before bed.

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