Work Week

With Fan Expo less than a week away I have pretty much spent every night preparing for it this month. My sewing machine ended up seizing up Sunday night which was a horrible experience. I don't want my machine dying on me 10 days before the biggest show of the year. Thank goodness for friends who can lend me their sewing machine!

I finished up some pillows last night. I'm tempted to keep Sailor Moon! I'm sad to say I've used up the majority of my Sailor Moon supplies...


And tonight I sewed up some character tote bags. The Captain America fabric is one of my favourites that I found in Jo-anns.

Superhero fabric

What have I been watching while I sewing? Well, I started Gilmore Girls from the beginning again. It's a great show to have on while you craft because you don't have to watch the tv constantly to understand what's going on. The dialogue is one of the best things about Gilmore Girls. I don't know what it is about that show but it puts me in the best mood.

Oh and I've had to sustain my energy during these long and late nights. Watching Gilmore Girls makes me crave coffee and my hubby brought me home an entire box of peanut butter-dipped fruit. The bananas are dipped in half peanut butter, half chocolate and they are so incredibly yummy!


I've had very few breaks from sewing but when I do take a break I'm usually caught cuddling the cats. Though, I'm known to drape fabric scraps on Logan. I love giving him scarves.


And my Blowfish Shoes came in this week which distracted me for a while!! I won them on Skunkboy Creatures' blog. I'm so in love with them and they're super comfy! I cannot wait to wear them out and take some proper pictures of them.

Blowfish Shoes

Well I have tote bags ready for some handles... night!

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