My Week in Pictures

Last weekend was a long weekend for me since there was a holiday on Monday. We went up north camping at Grundy Lake Provincial Park. I have never been that far up north before. You watch the environment change as you drive along the highway... rock formations start to line the highway, the trees get bigger and thicker. And the stars! I've never seen that many stars! It was an amazing weekend of swimming, fishing, and bonfires!

Grundy Lake Provincial Park

Grundy Lake Provincial Park

Grundy Lake Provincial Park

Grundy Lake Provincial Park

Grundy Lake Provincial Park

Grundy Lake Provincial Park

The kitties have been super affectionate this week. I think it's because we haven't been home as much and they miss us. At least that's what I think when I snuggle them.

I am happy we adopted Logan last year because the companionship they have together is cute.

Logan and Seymore
They both clean each other, though, it usually turns into a fight.


Yes, Seymore's tongue is sticking out!

Adam pointed out that I wore 2 different purple shirts with underpants on them over the weekend... whoops!

I Craft in my Underpants

Stache Tote

As you can see I've been busy sewing... I finished up all the totes I did with Miss Belle and I've made up about 50 pillowcases over the last week... I'm feeling very accomplished!

Leia Tote

Pokemon Pillowcase

Batman Pillowcase

I also made whoopie pies today. I had to use up the leftover cherry frosting I had made for the cupcakes.

Whoopie Pies

Whoopie Pies

They are super yummy. I used the recipe from Annie's Eats, though, I didn't add the red food colouring.

It's been a fast week and I can't believe it's back to work tomorrow. At least I can relax tonight with the Teen Choice Awards!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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