Fan Expo 2011 Recap

What a crazy fast summer! It’s hard to believe its September tomorrow. This past weekend was Fan Expo Canada, which always marks the end of summer for me.  This year, however, it was 4 days instead of 3. I have to admit it completely flew by. I’m still recovering from it and I feel like I could sleep for days. I posted a ton of photos on my flickr from this weekend but this post is pretty picture-heavy as well...
Day 1 – Thursday
I was amazed at how busy it was considering it was the first day and shorter than the other days. There was a fair amount of cosplay as well which I was also surprised about. It was a great day to get a feel for the show, take a walk around, scope out the contests and giveaways going on, and meet your neighbours in Artist Alley.

Fan Expo 2011 Fan Expo 2011 Fan Expo 2011
Day 2 – Friday
This was the first full day of the weekend and it was a lot of fun! Personally, my sales on Friday were just as good as Saturday’s sales (which is normally my best day) so we definitely had a lot of people come by our table. And I had the pleasure of meeting a few twitter friends on both Friday and Saturday as well –and as exciting as it is to meet everyone in the real world, it’s still nerve-racking for me. I sometimes feel like I’m an awkward, 12 year old girl.  I also met and got my first sketch by Katie Cook this day! I went back on Saturday to thank her for a second sketch she did for Adam… me holding our two kitties! After meeting her in person, I am completely in awe of her… she’s hilarious and so sweet and nice and her talent is unbelievable! Talking to her twice was definitely the highlight of my weekend. Oh and this was Adam’s first day at Fan Expo since he couldn’t make it Thursday. He was introduced to Game Stop Canada’s hourly giveaway which kept him occupied for the rest of the weekend. 
Fan Expo 2011 Fan Expo 2011 Fan Expo 2011 Fan Expo 2011 Fan Expo 2011 Fan Expo 2011 Fan Expo 2011  

Day 3 – Saturday
This is always the busiest day at Fan Expo. The line up outside the hall was ridiculous and it made me so thankful for my exhibitor badge. It’s also the day of cosplay since the masquerade takes place Saturday evening. We took so many pictures this day and I was so incredibly happy to see so much Adventure Time love amongst the costumes. Every Finn looked great! I also loved some of the more random costumes… Rapunzel from Tangled, Astrid from How to Train Your Dragon. I attended my very first panel this day – Dragonball Z Super panel – I don’t like the idea of leaving my table for that long to go sit in on a panel but I really couldn’t pass up this opportunity. I’m so happy I went though. Listening to Chris Sabat was amazing and I could have listened to him speak like Vegeta all day. The guy’s absolutely hilarious. It was a very entertaining panel.
Fan Expo 2011 Fan Expo 2011 Fan Expo 2011 Fan Expo 2011 Fan Expo 2011

Day  4 – Sunday
It was sort of bittersweet going in on the last day. I was feeling very tired from the commuting into Toronto and my eyes were sore from the overhead lights and the smoke from the Uncharted – Drake’s Deception display. But it’s so incredibly fulfilling doing a show like this. I love the vibe inside the hall. Everyone is having fun and there’s so much going on and the talent surrounding you is incredible. I leave the show every year feeling exhausted, but yet, unbelievably motivated and inspired. I pre-registered my table for next year on Sunday. I cannot wait for Fan Expo 2012!
Fan Expo 2011 Fan Expo 2011 Fan Expo 2011 Fan Expo 2011

Fan Expo 2011
It's off to bed...night! xoxo Jen

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