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It's August already and so far this has been a great summer. Every day has been filled with fun plans or preparation for Fan Expo. Though, I have to admit something... I'm already looking forward to Fall! But, we still have at least 1 month left of hot, sunny summer weather. I think my longing for Fall weather is because of the clothes I'm drooling over.

I was lucky enough to win an amazing giveaway at Skunkboy Creatures' blog - a pair of Blowfish shoes! I'm so incredibly excited to get them! I picked a pair of booties and I cannot wait to wear them with a pair of tights and a dress.

I'm also on a hunt for a pair of motorcycle boots for the Fall and Winter. We've started watching Veronica Mars from the beginning and I've fallen in love with her clothes again... lots of mini skirts with t-shirts and she's worn motorcycle boots in almost every episode. I think I've also fallen for Kristen Bell again to be honest. I recently came across her Vanity Fair pin-up photos - check them out in this flickr set!

Veronica Mars

I've been back on a Harley Quinn kick again. I've been addicted to Albinwonderland's tumblr So once I'm done reading my current book I'm moving onto my new Harley graphic novel. All I want to do is read lately. I've been getting sucked into books and comics and I keep coming across more I want to read. There doesn't seem to be enough time in the world to read everything I want. My amazon wishlist has become huge over the last few months.

I'm so happy it's a short week. I'm already looking forward to the weekend! I'm going to do some baking and of course lots of sewing this week. I'm going to take some pictures of the finished bags I've done up and I'll post them later in the week as well.

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