San Diego Comic Con

It's not what you're thinking... no I didn't attend Comic Con this year. I wish I did and I hope to attend in a couple of years. So I've spent a good chunk of my weekend reading SDCC coverage and looking at cosplay pictures.

I found some of the panels pretty funny and interesting (Big Bang Theory's was hilarious!). Reading about the Fables panel was also really interesting since the Fables storyline is so intertwined and full of amazing characters. Reading the SDCC coverage has definitely got me hyped up for Fan Expo Canada.

Some of the coverage that interested me:

- In Fall 2012, Capcom, specifically Street Fighter, will be doing a crossover with Hello Kitty. There will be Street Fighter-themed Hello Kitty merchandise.... I'm not going to lie, as weird as this crossover is I'm pretty excited to see Hello Kitty dressed as Chun Li!

- A new Fables spinoff will be coming out in early 2012 called 'Fairest' - which will tell the stories of the ladies of Fables. Rapunzul in Japan?? Yes, please! I'm excited to get my hands on this.

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- Reading about Marvel's new television shows was interesting. I can't say I'm too interested in watching the animated shows, but the live-action shows definitely peak my interest, mainly Mockingbird. They described it as “Alias meets Felicity." You cannot go wrong there.
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-Reading about any news surrounding The Avengers was pretty exciting. The concept art and posters released are pretty awesome. I have to admit I completely geeked out when I saw The Avengers trailer after Captain America this weekend. It was so quick and doesn't show much but I loved seeing all of them together!

Hopefully I'll be able to get some work done tomorrow since I've been so caught up reading the coverage.


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