I haven't done a craft show in months now because of being preoccupied with the wedding planning. My last show was Wizard Comic Con in March. Fan Expo Canada is next month though. So I've been crazy busy sewing and getting projects ready for my first show in 5 months. It's the biggest show of the year that I do and it's 4 days this year so I have to have a lot of stock ready.

Tonight we're having a craft night to get some prep work done for Fan Expo. It should be a great, creative night. Hanging out with these great ladies, Needlings and Lisa, is always inspiring.

I've been finding inspiration in everything around me lately. Our hot, summer days have been pretty hard to get through, but the sunshine in the evenings is beautiful. And my hair faded so much on our honeymoon that I'm excited to dye it a brand new shade of red. I think I've finally decided on which shade. It's exciting changing up the colour.

Craft night should be starting soon...

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