Current Obsessions

The weather has been incredibly hot over the last couple of weeks here. It's actually making it hard to enjoy the summer. So we've been living off slurpees, homemade iced tea, and popsicles. Unfortunately, we're spending most of our evenings and weekends locked inside with the A/C on.

We re-watched the last 4 Harry Potter movies in preparation for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 coming out, which we saw on opening night. I thought the new movie was great. I enjoyed all of it and I was brought to tears twice. I cannot believe it's over but I will definitely be seeing the movie again in the theatre and then I'll have to plan a Harry Potter marathon once the movie comes out on dvd. Watching the movies and playing Lego Harry Potter makes me want to read the books again. I will one day, maybe once I get through the huge stack of X-men comics we have.

My other obsessions currently are picking up local fruit whenever I can. Coming home from work I drive through Vineland which has numerous fruit and vegetable stands and local markets along the main road. We stopped for cherries recently but today I saw a sign for raspberries. I'll have to go soon because I want raspberry pie!




And then there's my niece... Every time I see her she steals all my attention. She's at the perfect stage where all she does is smiles and giggles. She amuses herself most of the time and the other time she just stares at you. I may be a little biased, but she's the most beautiful baby I've ever seen.


I have a busy week ahead and then a weekend full of sewing! Hopefully we all make it through this heatwave.


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