Top Favourite Tiber River Products

Canadian company, Canadian made, good for people, good for the planet, and makes you happy? Yes, please! I'll take one of everything!

Tiber River, a wonderful company that's become my newest obsession. They just released their new fall catalogue and line up and I'm loving it! 

This company has a 'Happy Officer' and their inspiration for their fall line up is Hygge, which means to feel cozy. It's like it just screams me. 

I wanted to share my top favourite Tiber River products, which don't actually include any of the new fall products (yet) because I haven't tried them all out yet. So these are products from their core line. 

1. Tiberrific Mat Spray - Have you ever thought of cleaning your yoga/workout mat? I sure didn't until I saw this product on their site. It grossed me out thinking of all the sweaty workouts I did over the years on that same mat. So I added this to cart. 

This alcohol-free mat spray is a plant-derived, gentle blend meant to help clean and refresh your yoga mat after your final savasana. Formulated with sweet orange, lime, lemon and tea tree essentials oils, plus plant derived cleansers and glycerin to help refresh and maintain your mat's suppleness. 

2. Citrus Got Real Collection - When I tried this line, I fell head over heels in love. The scent is incredible. It's like a frosty margarita. My favourite product? The body scrub! 

Citrus Got Real incorporates the finest blend of tart and sweet citrus essential oils. It features zesty lime and vibrant lemon, with a hint of bergamot which boasts an aromatic nuance of sweet citrus with subtle floral notes.

3. Lavender Linen Spray - This was recommended to me and I'll never go without it. I spray it on my pillow and bedding whenever I change the sheets or pillowcases. Or sometimes I'll use it as a bedroom refresher (since the dog sleeps in the room with us). It's such a nice scent. 

Before your dreamy slumber, spritz the calming, herbaceous aroma of lavender essential oil on your pillows and linens. An uncomplicated formula made with limited ingredients, 

Want to take a peak at the fall catalogue? You can look here. Questions about Tiber River? Reach out or leave a comment!

xo Jen

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