What's In Your Beach Bag?

Beach season is upon us! I love being at the beach. There's something so peaceful but re-energizing when your feet are in the hot sand and you're watching the water. It also brings me back to my childhood since we spent a lot of time at trailers, cottages, and just day trips to the nearby beach. 

Even before having kids, I've always been an organized person, so what I pack in my beach bag now isn't too different from before kids. 

I'm doing an event in my Facebook group all this weekend talking about beach bag essentials and ending with a giveaway. So I decided to sit down and think about what I HAVE to bring to the beach. 

These are my Must-Haves:

Starting from left to right:

1. Sunscreen - I used to buy lotion SPF, but with kids, a mist is SO much easier. Also, lip balm with SPF is a must for me. Have you ever had burnt lips? Not fun!

2. Picnic blanket - the one pictured is from JJ Cole and I used to eye it up at work. However, we bought a cheap one at Walmart and it works just as well. Basically it's quilted for extra comfort, but it's made from a waterproof material. It's perfect for the beach since it dries fast and you can shake sand off quickly. 

3. Flying disc - basically like a frisbee. I've had a random cheap one for YEARS and it's become a necessity to play with once you're in the lake. There's nothing better than diving to catch it and landing in water. 

4. Towels - an obvious choice, however this poncho towel has become a must-have for my toddler. I can dry her quickly and put this on. The towel covers her, dries her, and she still has free hands to snack or drink. 

5. Inflatable tube - we have some cheap ones but they're great to lounge in, on both sand and in the water. 

6. Sunglasses - a MUST just like sunscreen. You have to protect those eyes! The whole family has sunglasses for our beach days.  

What's in your beach bag? Do we have any similar items or do you have other Must-Haves I should know about?


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