Spring Ready Beauty

I'm so looking forward to spring weather and all that comes with it - open windows, sunshine, flowers blooming, iced tea, popsicles. Plus spring is not TOO hot, because summer weather can make me irritable. 

Did you know you should change your skincare and makeup routine when the weather changes? Start using lighter moisturizers, wear SPF (you really should all year, but most people don't), and use lighter makeup products. 

I've stopped using my night cream since I was finding it too heavy as our evenings have been warming up. I also switched from my normal Skin Twin foundation to the Dew Skin, which is a tinted moisturizer with SPF. It feels so much lighter on my skin and I love that I can head outside with Emma and know I have sun protection on my face. 

My line up - Bright C serum (antioxidants and makes my skin glow), Dew Skin (love the SPF), Jellie (for no fuss lip shine). 

I've also been switching out a coffee a day for an iced tea - lately it's been my lemonade matcha from Sipology. It's so refreshing and very lightly sweetened. I love it and love knowing it's good for me. 

I picked up the lemonade matcha and vanilla matcha sticks. The vanilla matcha is delicious as a hot latte but it's also amazing in our fruit smoothies. It gives Adam and I a kick of energy and antioxidants in our smoothies. 

My other obsession right now - Bubbly Tea. It's Sipology's version of a healthy Bubble Tea. To be honest, I was skeptical, but it's so damn good. The real fruit pieces in it are amazingly yummy. It's the perfect sweetness. I'm excited to buy more flavours and drink them all spring and summer. And the gelatinous-looking things? Basil seeds. They have no flavour and they're high in fiber and aid in gut health. I'm seriously addicted.

Because of my new obsession and wanting to expand my network, I'm doing a collaborated event with a Sipology consultant. We're both so pumped to do it together and introduce our passions to each other's groups. If you're interested in learning more about Beautycounter or Sipology, come join!

My life lately... I love it though! Squeezing in event planning, connecting with clients, planning social media content while wrangling my babies at home - I couldn't ask for much more! 


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