Clean Beauty: Kids Edition

I've been on a Clean Product mission for about 2 years now - slowly switching our house to cleaner products. This all started after Emma was born. I ended up with postpartum anxiety which was triggered by germs, contamination and illness. This meant Emma's products were the first to be switched to clean and safe products. 

I thought I'd share the clean kids products I've found and fallen in love with in case you were looking to switch to clean products for your own children or if you needed to buy a gift for someone expecting. And when I talk about how amazing these products smell, none of them list 'fragrance' in their ingredients. They are all scented by essential oils and other plant derived ingredients. 

After research and trying some products, these are my favourite brands in order:

1. Hello Bello - this brand is incredibly affordable, their products smell amazing, and it's great for sensitive skin. Hello Bello was one of the first brands I tried and it helped clear up Emma's eczema. Right away I knew I'd be sticking with this brand. We use their shampoo, body wash, bubble bath, diaper cream, and talc-free baby powder. 

2. Attitude Living - this company is one of my favourites (we use a ton of their products in our house). They're a bit more expensive than Hello Bello, however I love that they're a Canadian company so I'm ok paying the extra $1-2 for an item. also puts Attitude on sale a lot, so I try to stock up then. They have a ton of scents which all smell incredible! The children's products we buy from them are the foaming hand soap (Emma likes to wash with bubbles), body lotion, and their natural air purifier which we use in the nursery. The air purifier is made with activated charcoal. 

3. Everyone - I was introduced to this company about a year ago and I never bought any of their products because they're a bit more expensive. However, I started finding their regular line and children's line at Homesense and Winners for half the normal price. Their bottles are HUGE and last forever. Plus, their scents are amazing. The only children's product I've bought and seen from them is their 3 in 1 soap which makes bath time really easy!

If you have any favourite clean baby and kids products, let me know! I'm always looking to try new clean companies!


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